Marc Kreiner Bio

Marc Kreiner OfficeMarc Kreiner truly defines the word entrepreneur and has had a life long passion for business.  For as long as he can remember he always felt that to gain any success he had to take some risks. Marc was born in Brooklyn New York and spent most of his childhood in Southern California but now calls LA home.

Marc Kreiner started his entrepreneurial path with a humble one man DJ business called MK Dance Productions. He began spinning disco records at a popular Marina Del Rey nightclub and quickly gained a following with his fun and flamboyant style of hyping up the crowd. Being on the front lines of the Disco scene, Marc quickly saw the potential Disco had to be the next big American culture phenomena. He had to decide was he going to stick with his DJ business which was both profitable and fun or was he going to take a big leap with the hope of something even bigger!

Marc Kreiner and Ann-MargretAs most entrepreneurs must do Marc weighed his options with the opportunity vs the risk and then decided to go all in! He took a huge leap entrepreneurial gamble and invested all he had at the time into a new venture. Marc along with his then business partner, Tom Cossie had come across an unknown group (at the time) called CHIC. When they heard the groups single demo “Dance, Dance, Dance” they knew it would be a huge hit in the clubs. The problem was no major label was willing to take a chance on the group! Marc and Tom decided to invest their own money and purchased the CHIC master tapes themselves.

With the emergence of Disco, the great single and A LOT of hustle, the song “Dance, Dance, Dance” took off just like they predicted it would. Of course the rest was history as CHIC made even bigger hits like “Le Freak” and ended up being one of the most successful disco groups of all time. Marc also worked with other great disco legends like, Sister Sledge, Debbie Jacobs, Ann Margret and more. By the age of 26 Marc had conquered the disco world.

When all was said and done Marc Kreiner was involved in over 200 gold and platinum records in music career!

After Disco began to decline in popularity Kreiner decided to move onto other business ventures. Over the next twenty years Marc built and sold successful companies in many diverse and interesting industries including telemarketing, cellular phones, and infomercials. Although these industries were diverse they had some things in common. They were up and coming niches that had not yet hit the height of their popularity yet. It took an entrepreneurial vision to recognize the potential and take the risk to capitalize on the opportunities.

Marc Kreiner TapoutMarc is probably now best known in the business world, as being the former President of Tapout, the popular Mixed Martial Arts apparel brand. He first met the guys from TapouT; Mask (the original founder), and his friends, Punkass and Scrape, after helping them sell one of their products with his infomercial business. At the time, MMA was not the global sports juggernaut it is today. In fact it was not televised, unsanctioned in many cities and the UFC was in danger of going bankrupt at the time.  Despite this, Marc recognized great passion in the young founders and also some of the same possibilities in the emerging world of MMA as he did many years prior with his successful career in music. The guys from TapouT decided they needed an experienced business man to help them take their MMA brand to the next level and approached Marc about joining them. After bonding with the guys Marc decided to join the group as the President of TapouT, with a mission of not expanding their apparel company but helping with the popularity of the sport as a whole. He was also an early supporter of cutting edge training techniques like elevation training masks.

Marc’s TapouT Office

After Marc Kreiner joined TapouT the company’s annual revenue grew from $12 million in 2006 to over $200 million by 2009. Marc did this by establishing deals to bring Tapout products to over 20,000 stores worldwide and developing strategic licensing agreements of the brand name.  Along with the original founders of Tapout Marc Kreiner helped grow the company to the position it still enjoys today, recognition as the number one brand in the world for the incredibly popular sport of mixed martial arts. Here is a story on CNN about Marc Kreiner and Tapout. After a few years Marc left Tapout partially due to the unfortunate death of his good friend and the originator of the Tapout idea Charles Lewis Jr. (Mask). TapouT was sold to Authentic Brand Groups.

marc kreiner the morrisonMarc Kreiner has now turned his business vision onto the restaurant industry. He started a restaurant investment group with plans to open establishments throughout Los Angeles area. The first offering from the new group is a very popular spot in Atwater village called The Morrison. It’s a Scottish themed bar located on Los Feliz that has been getting impressive reviews from the always hard to please LA fans of gastropubs. Marc will look to continue his success with The Morrison and will also be opening other unique bars and restaurants in the Los Angeles area in the near future.

Marc Kreiner and his investment group recently announced they will open up ‘Ball and Chain’ in 2014, a brand new restaurant  located in Hollywood .This very unique concept will bring the meatball craze thats big on the east coast to LA and will of course also feature a premiere selection of great craft drinks.

If you would like to find out more about Marc Kreiner please click on the links below. 

You can find out more about Marc Kreiner here.

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